Genesis IM5200 Satellite and Stereo Bass module
Seas Berylium / W12CY001 custom
Tannoy Sterling SE
4 way - Tang Band 28-537SH , Seas P12RCY , Tang Band W6-623i , Seas 22TAF



Acoustic Research



Sonus Faber Minima




Seas 4-way magnesium





Linn Tukan

      2 way (Skanning 5" midbass and Vintage Esotar Dynaudio)
      NHT One 2.5 way replacement crossover with 6N solidcore
      Made for Genesis Loudspeaker

Seas W16NX001 / Seas T25CF002 millenium


      Made for Seas Thor Kit
      Made for Seas Odin MK3 Kit

Centre Channel:

Beyma CP650 / W12CY001 custom

      Made for Seas W18NX001 and T29CF002 Crescendo
      Made for Chario Sonnet upgrade Level 2
      Made for W16N001/F
      Made for 22TAF/G and P12RCY
      Standard Idunn Crossover

Made for U16RCY/P and DXT.




Made for U16RCY/P X 2, DXT tweeter, Centre channel


      Made for L16RNX + 27TDFC
      Made for W18EX + T25CF002
      Made for W18NX + T25CF002
      Made for L18RNX/P + 27TDFC


Made for Vifa M17WG-09 + 27TBFC/G

PMC FB1 modified


4-Way Professional

Plye Super Tweeter

Beyma Tweeter

3" Tannoy Midrange

Beyma 15"

12" passive radiator



Acoustic Research AR94 vintage

27TDFC tweeter

AR acoustics 8" vintage



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* Instead of just replacing parts, an option is to use the master jig. It is also common for some to bring there own electronics and cables. * For serious projects, on site tuning can be an option.

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