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SEAS PYRAMID - Custom Built

SEAS Floorstand - Custom Built

SONUS FABER Minima Vintage - Restoration
LINN Tukan - Restoration



Mordant Short Pageant 2 1970s Vintage - Restoration
Before & After
Centre Channel - Custom Built
ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AR-48s 1983 Vintage- Restoration
Testing OB jigs - ever on-going project in collaboration with owner
PMC-1 - Upgrades & Modifications

* Re-design crossover for new Seas tweeter, cables and Vifa mid.

* Tune transmission line resonant frequency.

* Attached Grillcloth to TL opening due to modifications.


(click image to enlarge )

Owner's Review : Throughout the entire build journey, Alex has show me what it means to be tenacious. He has also showed me what high end is about. High end is attention to every single detail big or small. Every aspect of the job was done with with the finest attention to the most minute detail. Alex has gone above and beyond to deliver to me a product which gives me much visual and auditory bliss. He improved upon every aspect of the speaker; what can be seen on the outside, as well as what cannot be seen on the inside. but he deserves my recommendation to anyone out there who is looking someone to tune their speaker. Within any reasonable budget, he will deliver value exceeding monetary terms. Knowing Alex has been a privilege! Thanks for everything man! I really appreciate what you did and the sacrifices you made. You were most accommodating and after even a short time of listening only (at home) I am happy beyond words at how transparent the sound is. Cheers! Dominic

ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AR-94 1990S Vintage- Restoration

* Re-design of 2.5 crossover for new Seas tweeter and AR mids

* Fitted 12" passive radiators / super tweeters



SEAS EXCEL ROSEWOOD 2-WAY - Upgrades and Modifications

* Re-route flange and cutout to fit new drivers

* Crossover for W18EX001 and T25CF002


Owner's Review : Hi Alex, I would like to thank you for your fabulars cross over design and vast knowledge on SEAS drivers...I trurly enjoy the sound of it. I am planning my next DIY speaker and will be very glad to do business with you again, attatched please find the solid rosewood speakers on stand.
Thank you.
Best Regards, Peter Chang

VIFA / PEERLESS VINTAGE 1990s - Restoration

* Precision fit new tweeter and midrange

* Repaired midwoofers and restored to mint condition

* design new crossover for new configuration

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LOTH-X ION AMAZE - Conversion

* Precision route tweeter flange to accomodate tweeter

* Design Crossover for new configuration

* Bass transmission Line tuning


* Conversion from bandpass to vented

* Design passive crossover for seemless bass integration with Genesis Satellites



SCANSPEAK - Upgrades and Modifications

* Added SEAS SP18 Passive Radiator to extend low frequency

* Design passive crossover for R2904/7000 and 18W4531




* Precision route template to fill existing 7" cutout and flange

* conversion from 2.5 to 3-way

* added supertweeter at top

* design new crossover for new configuration

SEAS NEXTAL - Phillipines

* Special Designed crossover based on given parameters



Built by Angelo

Owner's Review : Dear Alex, Hello there. I finally completed the assembly of the box for the speakers that I bought from you. Upon listening to the first song, I was instantly impressed on how great the sound was considering that it hasn't been fully burned in yet. The sound was well balanced and the highs were not overpowering. Even the lows were very detailed although it still needs some burning in to make it lose and sound fuller. The speakers exceeded my expectations and are very satisfying. My friends who have heard the speakers sound are considering placing an order for a similar setup. We compared it side by side to a very expensive B&W (not the one in the photo) and the speaker was able to hold its own ground. Thank you very much for the great work that you did on the crossovers. Hope to do business with you again, soon. Best regards, Angelo Perez

SEAS W16N001/F POINT SOURCE - Bangladesh

* Special Designed crossover based on given parameters



Built by Shahryar

Owner's Review : Dear Alex: This is Shahryar from Bangladesh. Remember I bought two Seas Excel concentric drivers and crossover from you last year? Well the speakers are completed and fully broken in. I have followed your plans closely with slight modifications, as referred with you subsequently, and the results are very good. Bass is deep and satisfactory and midrange is reasonably good. The highs lack the finesse of higher models in that air is somewhat compromised. On the whole, and considering the price of the unit, it is extremely pleasing and is capable of long hours of fatigue free listening. One thing I have noticed is that the crossover and driver took almost 600 hours to sound their best. I can recommend this unit to any listener who is not fussily critical of midrange and highs. For the vast majority of listeners, the design is a good and satisfactory one. My respect for the Seas drivers and your crossover design has increased exponentially after completing this project. From the attached images, you will notice that I have applied teak veneer to the cabinet, and have added cosmetically separate baffles at front and back. The visual impression is extremely nice and gives a feel of solidity, which is backed by the sound. For my next project, I am looking to build a largish standmount of nearly 40 liters. I am interested in a two way design with a tweeter waveguide and rear port tuned to 40-45 Hz. Approximate cabinet size could be 600x300x350 (HxWxD) in mm without stands. I am looking for smooth airy silky highs, warm midrange and deep tight bass. Can you suggest a design with appropriate drivers and crossover? I would love to work with Scanspeak drivers this time, if you are able to supply them. All the best. Give my regards to Emily and all you staff. Sincerely, Shahryar

SEAS Odin MK3 - Australia

* Follow exact Odin circuit



Built by Ian Dunlop

Owner's Review : Sounds Fantastic

SEAS 3-WAY - Indonesia

* Special Designed Crossover based on given parameters



Built by Justinus
SEAS 2-WAY - Indonesia

* Special Designed Crossover based on given parameters



Built by Justinus


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